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The Sixth Grade is having a terrific fall.  Spirits are strong and the students are working hard on a variety of projects in the classroom.  Thank you to all the sixth grade parents for taking time last Friday to join us for conferences. I really enjoyed the opportunity to talk with all of you.

English Language Arts/Social Studies: The students are currently reading Egyptian myths.  They are doing this work in a variety of grouping configurations with the ultimate goal of becoming an expert in one particular Egyptian myth.  Students have studied their chosen myth this week and identified numerous elements of fiction (setting, characters- protagonist/antagonist, point of view, plot and theme). Their final project will take the form of a green screen presentation where students will tell their tale through a narrated vignette shot “on location” through the miracle of green screen technology.  

This week the students also chose a particular trait of civilization (writing, technology, cities, arts and architecture, government, social structure, customs/social beliefs, etc.)  to research. They have begun to form research questions to guide their study of how this trait was demonstrated in the ancient Egyptian civilization.

Math: The sixth graders have been heavily focused on fractions lately.  We’ve done a lot of work on understanding and visualizing the multiplication and division of fractions.  Learning the rote steps for these processes can be easy for many, but clearly understanding how to represent the multiplication or division for fractions can be more difficult and allows us to engage in the struggle of comprehending math concepts.  I have been really pleased as I watch the students explain their understanding to one another this past week. Next week we will wrap up Unit 2 with several lessons on ratios and rates.

The Upper Multiage Veterans are learning how to use the US Traditional Method for multiplying multi-digit numbers. The steps for this process are starting to come together for most members of the group. We have worked to connect these steps to multiplication methods they have used in the past, such at the Partitioned Rectangle Method and the Partial Products Method.  The second part of Unit 2 will focus on multi-digit division.

Science: We continue to be engaged in our Mixtures and Solutions chemistry unit. This past week we learned how scientists and engineers use models to demonstrate their understanding of scientific phenomena.  Ask your child about my amazing invention - The Drought Stopper 2000!

The next investigation in Mixtures and Solutions will be on the concept of concentration with regard to solutions.

D.C. Reminder: Thanks to all the parents who have sent in the first student deposit of $150 for Washington, D.C. as well as the parent chaperone contribution of $240.  If you have not yet done so, we are hoping that these payments can be made by October 31.

Please contact Mr. Hillger if you are unable to make this payment at this time.

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