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English Language Arts:  The sixth graders are having a lot of fun following the adventures of Jason and Gareth in Lloyd Alexander’s classic Time Cat. This time travel fantasy novel takes place in a variety of ancient civilizations over a wide span of time, and it acts as an excellent introduction to several of the civilizations we will study over the course of this school year.  We have used this novel to focus on a number of elements of literary text, including: setting, character development, plot, mood, and theme.

Math:  The Upper Multiage Veterans have done a great job reviewing the concept of area, as well as extending this understanding in order to explore volume measurement and how to use formulas to calculate the volume of rectangular prisms and other three dimensional shapes.

The sixth graders have been studying data representation by reading and making histograms.  They have also been using their critical thinking skills to recognize when data landmarks and graphs are presented in a way that is intended to influence the thinking of the audience.  Recognizing misleading data is an important skill in our current information age, and I have been really impressed by these students’ ability recognize when it is happening and what questions they need to ask to make more informed decisions.

Science: Today we wrapped up our Cold River Volunteer Biological Assessment Program experience with the Green Mountain Conservation Group.  It has been really rewarding watching these Upper Multiage and Grade Six students serve as citizen scientists in our community.

We have also begun our chemistry unit: Mixtures and Solutions.  We have conducted several investigations on how some mixtures can be separated using screens and filters.  We have also devised procedures to demonstrate that the solute is not really “gone” after it has dissolved in a solvent.  We are currently in the process to testing ways to separate a solute from solvent.

Social Studies:  We continue to be involved with several activities intended to build class community.  One of these is the creation of our class armorial achievement. The students are very invested in the design process, and next week we will begin painting the ceiling tile that will display the armorial achievement of the SCS Class of 2019.

We have also been learning a bit about the ancient Egyptian civilization, the first ancient civilization that we will study this year in sixth grade.


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