Mr.Chapman - 6th Grade

chapmanReading: All reading groups have started reading a Colonial America themed novel. While reading these novels, we will make connections to what we have already learned about. Reading groups continue to work on personalized spelling words, and cursive writing.
Writing: Students got feedback on their compare/contrast essays last week. Our newest writing assignment is connected to the generosity of our Association of School and Community (ASC). ASC has kindly offered $150 to each faculty member to use in their classroom.

We will be using this money to expand our classroom library. Each student will be writing a letter over the next few weeks requesting either a specific book, or series for our classroom library. After vacation, as a class, we will read over these letters, and come to a group consensus about which books/series we will be asking for. We are all excited about this opportunity, thank you ASC.!
Math: Rookies are working their way through Unit 5. This unit focuses on fractions, mixed number computation, and measurements. We have been hard at work decomposing and recomposing fractions. We were also recently challenged by this unit’s open response, “Queen Arlene’s Dilemma”. In this problem, Queen Arlene was trying to share parts of her land with her 3 daughters. These 2 day open responses are geared towards challenging students, while providing them with various strategies of solving these problems. They also give students an opportunity to go back and revise or expand their thinking from day one.
Science: We wrapped up our second investigation about magnetic force this week. Students were exposed to the assessment that follows each investigation this week. When we return from break, we will be entering the land of electromagnetic energy….stay tuned!
Social Studies: After reading our Colonial American novels, we will be switching gears to the American Revolution in late March. There will be more information to follow, but please save the date of Thursday, May 11th. This is when our class field trip to the Freedom Trail in Boston will be. More details to follow in early April and we will be looking for parent chaperones to join us:).


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