Mrs. Hoag - Upper Multiage

hoagWow, what an awesome time we had last Thursday on our field trip to the Freedom Trail in Boston! Thank you to all the chaperones who joined us and to all families for sending their child prepared for a day out in the big city.  It sure was a highlight of our year!
The students worked diligently on Smarter Balance testing over the last few weeks.  Rookies were also hard at work this week on their NECAP science test.  We appreciate all the support from home with these tests, we know it’s a lot...thank you!

Reading: We are enjoying our final read aloud, Sea Change by Frank Viva.  This story is about a boy named Eliot who gets shipped off to live with some family members for his summer vacation in Nova Scotia.  Hopefully this book sparks a few ideas for students as they gear up for their own summer fun.
To prep for our field trip, students did some close reading around events and people leading up to the American Revolution.  Close reading is a reading comprehension approach which has students reading a passage more than once, while writing notes and questions in the margins about their thinking of what they read.  We had many great discussions around what students wrote for notes.  Starting next week, reading groups will be introduced to our final project of the year: researching and writing a report on one historical figure involved with the American Revolution.  With this project, students will also be challenged to evaluate this person’s decisions and/or actions, and possibly provide an alternative course of action to the class.
Writing: As mentioned above, the research project that we will start next week will take most of our time from now until the end of the school year.  There are many necessary skills that go into researching, including comprehending various sources, taking notes, organizing notes into an outline of a report, and writing the report while citing sources.  All of these steps will be scaffolded through modeling, and I look forward to reading the finished products.  Some students will be taking end of the year spelling tests over the next few weeks.  We have also started some work with grammar in reading groups to help build sentence structure knowledge to expand our writing skills.
Math: Rookies continued to work through Unit 7.  Unit 7’s focus is multiplication of a fraction by a whole number and measurement. This work can be challenging for students, so we have practiced a lot of problems together and discussed different strategies introduced in our lessons.  I always encourage students to use their previous math journal pages as references when they come to tricky problems, and to check their work once they think they are done solving something.  In a few weeks, we will begin Unit 8, which focuses on fraction operations and applications.
Science:  We continue to learn about astronomy in science class.  Last week, we worked with our solar system and planets.  This week, we have moved on to stars and constellations.  We have started to construct an astronomy themed bulletin board outside of our classroom.  If you happen to be at SCS over the next few weeks, pop down to take a look!
Social Studies: A lot of our work with the American Revolution will be integrated with our language arts time over the next few weeks.  Hopefully the knowledge gained with this unit, along with what we learned about through our study of Colonial America will help paint a better picture of the history behind what our country is today.  For any of my Rookie parents, next year is our rotation year to learn about New Hampshire’s history.

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