Ms. Busnach's & Mrs. Read - Middle Multiage


Math:  Rookies have just wrapped up Unit 1 this week.  They have been working on automaticity with compliments of ten by playing games such as “Fishing for 10” and creating visual aids for their classroom.  The compliments of ten and doubles facts are called Helper Facts, and will aid students when adding difficult numbers. Students are also becoming more comfortable adding coins and using inequalities to compare amounts.  As we move onto unit two, we are starting to look at place value and number stories.  A family letter for unit two will be sent home next week.

Rookies have also been working to become comfortable with number stories. We have spent time analyzing number stories to determine what is being asked and what the best way is to solve the problem. We have also spent time writing our own number stories and sharing them with our classmates. We continued to work with time and money, as well as becoming automatic with our  basic addition and subtraction facts.
Veterans have been introduced to' multi-step number stories' and have been putting forth solid effort to work through the process of solving them. They have been making arrays of basic multiplication facts and working to become automatic with their 2's, 5's and 10's. Veterans continue to compute the amount of daylight each Thursday as they practice working with elapsed time problems. Both groups have enjoyed practicing a variety skills with classroom games and the EDM games on their Chromebooks.
Writing:  Our students did a wonderful job writing, editing, and revising their poems for the Sandwich Fair!  They were so invested in their work, and proud of the display.  In class, we are learning about what makes a good author.  We are exploring places and things that inspire us to write, and the tools that we can use to improve our writing.  The students are currently working on brainstorming for their narratives.  They will be writing about a time when they tried something new, the challenges they faced, and how they were able to overcome said challenges!
Literacy:  Reading groups are in full swing at this point!  Students have been reading Just Right books in small groups with either myself or Mrs. Read.  We have been comparing similar stories and discussing characters, setting, problems, and solutions.  The students continue to build stamina and have come to really enjoy their read to self time.  The M&M’s are doing very well distinguishing nouns from verbs, and we have also added adjectives to the mix.  We had some laughs filling in Madlibs to practice these parts of speech.  We were also able to sample the delicious watermelon from the garden and use adjectives to describe it.
Science: “'How are river rocks the same?” was the focus question that the Middle Multiage students worked to answer while they began sorting river rocks last week. They were introduced to the word, 'properties' during this investigation. Students determined how they wanted to sort their own bag of river rocks. Rocks were sorted by shape, size, color and texture. Students then reflected on how they sorted their rocks by writing and drawing in their journals. We also discussed why so many people enjoy collecting rocks. Interesting comments included, "You don't have to take care of them at all and they will never die on you!"

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