Ms. Busnach's & Mrs. Read - Middle Multiage


Math: Rookies have been working very hard, and are just wrapping up Unit 8.  We have been studying two and three dimensional shapes and their attributes. Students are able to identify the number of faces, vertices, edges, right angles, and parallel lines a shape has.  In fact, they can even identify shapes without looking by feel or description!  The Rookies are also practicing ways to determine the total number of objects in equal groups and rectangular arrays. In doing this, they are building a foundation for learning multiplication next year.

Veterans recently completed Unit 7, which focused on working with fractions. They are now working diligently to extend the math facts they have worked on to master this year. For example, if they know that 8 x 3 =24, they also know that 8 x 30 =240 and 8 x 300 =2,400.  They continue to monitor the length of day and were extremely excited to compute Thursday, May 18th's amount of daylight as 14 hours and 51 minutes!
Writing: Students have just started their State Reports.  Each student has chosen one of the fifty states to research.  They are looking for information about the history, geography, climate, products, and people of their states. Students are learning how to site their sources, and will be practicing paraphrasing non-fiction text.  They have been very excited about this project, and are curious to learn more about the country that we live in!
Science: Middle Multiage scientists are also learning about plants. They have planted Brassica seeds which are quickly growing in our classroom. These plants move through the plant cycle quickly. They are providing the opportunity for the students to observe the stages of the plant cycle first hand. These scientists also dissected flowers to become familiar with the many parts of a flower.
Save the Date: Friday, June 16 - field trip to the Polar Caves. Permission slips will be sent home in the near future.

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