Mrs. Day & Mrs. Read - Middle Multiage


Blue Math: Our big focus in this group has been addition and subtraction number stories. The children have been learning a variety of models to help them solve different types of number stories, as well as being asked to solve multi-step number stories. They have also had fun writing their own number stories too. After vacation we will be learning strategies to solve multi-digit addition and multi-digit subtraction problems.

Orange Math: Students have been spending time becoming familiar with fractions. They have been working to identify and create equivalent fractions. They have also been continuing to interpret data and display the data on different types of graphs. Students have made great strides with becoming fluent with their multiplication facts and have been introduced to the remaining facts on the multiplication/division table. Students have been gratified to see how the time and effort they have put toward mastering their facts is paying off in many areas of math.
Reading: We continue to work in small reading groups as part of our K-3 Literacy block. During this time children are reading both fiction and nonfiction texts. They are learning and developing decoding and comprehension skills as well as building their fluency. Most groups have some time where they work directly with a teacher and are given time where they are asked to do independent or partner work. Be sure to ask your child what he/she has been working on in his/her reading group.
Writing: This week we finished our read aloud of Fantastic Mr. Fox. The children were then asked to do a written reflection on the story, thinking about what they liked the most about the story and what they liked the least. They were also asked to share who their favorite characters were and why, and what they think might happen if the story continued. Over the last week, we have also enjoyed some writing workshop time. Many children really enjoy this time, to write about a topic of their choice. On Thursday, we took advantage of the beautiful warm weather to get outside and do a winter write in our Nature Journals. In all of our written work we continue to work on developing our revision and editing skills.

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