Mrs. Day & Mrs. Read - Middle Multiage


ELA: For the past several weeks students have worked to become familiar with 'procedure' (how to) writing. They were initially exposed to procedure writing by listening to and reading many 'how to' books. They worked in small groups to make lists of directions for their teachers to follow for making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. After that students spent time writing procedures for simple activities they are familiar with, like brushing their teeth and dressing for winter play.

Over the past few weeks students have been working through the writing process in 'interest based' groups to write detailed procedure pieces of their choice. 'How to Feed a Pet', 'How to Draw....' and 'How to Play......" were all hot topics for procedure writing.
Blue Math: The blue math friends have been working on adding within 100 and adding up to four 2-digit numbers.  They enjoy practicing these skills by playing Hit the Target, Basketball Addition, and Beat the Calculator!  We have also been measuring objects in the classroom using centimeters, inches, feet, yards, and meters.  Students are learning how to use personal estimates before measuring how far they can jump, their arm spans, height, and much more.
Orange Math:  The students are doing an amazing job creating number sentences to solve challenging word problems. They have been introduced to the 'order of operations.' This allows them to create and solve a variety of multi-step problems. Students have made great gains becoming fluent with their multiplication and division facts. We were pleased to see that the amount of daylight on our 'Length-of-Day Graph' has now surpassed the amount of daylight when we began keeping track in September!
Science:  Middle Multiage scientists recently wrapped up their final investigation in the 'Mixtures' unit. Students made a number of different simple mixtures to observe and made note of the various outcomes. Students used balances to determine the mass of the materials before and after they were mixed. This process introduced the students to 'conservation of matter.'

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