Mrs. Petitti & Mrs. Read - Primary Multiage

petittiReading/Writing:   For the past several weeks students have worked to become familiar with 'procedure' (how to) writing. They were initially exposed to procedure writing by listening to and reading many 'how to' books. They worked in small groups to make lists of directions for their teachers to follow for making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. After that, students spent time writing procedures for simple activities they are familiar with, like brushing their teeth and dressing for winter play.

Students have also been working through the writing process in 'interest based' groups to write detailed procedure pieces of their choice. 'How to Feed a Pet', 'How to Draw....' and 'How to Play......" were all hot topics for procedure writing.
We added the following words to the Word Wall: now, made, up, down, what.  We did work with compound words and the children had fun finding them in their "just right" books and morning message.  April is poetry month, so we have been reading and working with various poems during our Morning Meeting. The children worked on identifying the main idea, matching rhyming words, and illustrating the various poems we practiced. As we read the poems we worked on fluency and expression. Students enjoyed working with the sixth grade students as they followed a procedure to create their snack for the morning, whole wheat bunny pancakes.
Math:  All students have been working on place-value, equivalent names and double facts.  Afternoon friends have been working on near doubles (If you know 6 +6 =12 then 6 +7 =13). Afternoon friends have been practicing reading and displaying times on an hour-hand only clock. They have been using tools, strategies, and properties of operations to solve number stories with two or three addends. Afternoon friends demonstrated whether they could sort number sentences to show if they were true or false. Students learned how to use My Reference Book to find mathematical information that will be helpful for solving problems. Family Math Morning was a lot of fun!  Our next Family Math Morning will be June 5.
Science:  Primary Multiage students have just completed the final two investigations as part of their 'Getting to Know Wood' unit. 'How is particleboard made?' was the focus question that students used last week to guide their investigation. They made mixtures of wood shavings, sawdust and a special glue to create their own particleboard. This week they learned about how and why plywood is made as they glued several thin pieces of wood together to form their own plywood samples. After each investigation, the scientists spent time writing in their science journals to express their thoughts and reflections regarding the investigation. Look for those science journals to come home soon!

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