Mrs. Petitti & Mrs. Read - Primary Multiage

petittiThis week we had two news friends join our class, they are brothers! We would like to welcome Giles and Moss to our Primary Multiage family.
Reading and Writing: The children enjoyed listening to rhyming books. They did a wonderful job picking out the words they heard that rhymed. Students worked individually finding rhyming pictures or words and grouping them on a sheet of paper. Afternoon friends have a new set of spelling words. The three sight words they are learning to spell are: with, his, they.

The word family (or rhyming words) are: it, pit sit, hit, bit, fit. During our spelling time we work on penmanship, dictation (which includes writing complete sentences that begin with uppercase and end with punctuation), and patterns in words. The students had many opportunities to work on writing as they created Valentine's Day cards for their peers. The sixth grade class joined us for our Valentine's Day (friendship day) celebration and read a book to us called, Valentine's. During the ELA block students have been working on many skills such as: cause and effect, main idea, supporting detail, completing a KWL chart, making predictions, sequencing a story, practicing high frequency and spelling words, sequencing words to create a complete sentence, and comprehension of text.
Science: Students have been involved in two different investigations as scientists. They first worked with pieces of cedar, pine, bass, particleboard and plywood to answer the focus question: “What happens when wood gets wet?” Students were given eye droppers and basins of water to work through this investigation. The student scientists determined that on some of the wood, the water beaded up and spread out, on other wood samples it quickly soaked in (absorbed). By using their senses, the students also determined that the wood became darker, heavier and even smelled differently.
'How can you sink wood?' was the focus question of the second investigation. Students were given pieces of different wood samples, a basin of water, several jumbo paper clips and elastic bands to explore with. Through trial and error, most of the students were able to sink their wood samples. We are looking forward after vacation to an investigation of, 'How many people will a raft hold?'
Math: All students have been learning the following games: "What Comes Next" (identifying numbers that are 1 less or 1 more than a given number); "The Exchange Game" (place value); Penny Dime Exchange (relationship between tens and ones by exchanging pennies and dimes). They have also been practicing the double facts 2+2, 5 +5 etc.. They enjoyed learning "Roll and Record Doubles".
Afternoon Friends: They completed the Unit 4 assessment and the Mid Year Assessment. We just started unit 5. They are using base-10 blocks to represent numbers. They have been practicing how to exchange base-10 blocks and represent numbers. Students have been working with coins (pennies and dimes) to provide a real world context for practicing place value.
On February 6th we had another Family Math Morning, which was a lot of fun. Our next Family Math Morning will be on Monday, April 3.
Have a wonderful vacation!

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