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It was wonderful meeting with all of you during Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences, and seeing the amazing support and encouragement you give to your children. 

Reading/Writing:  We had an author study on Eric Carle.  We read many of his books and observed his illustrations.  We then watched a short presentation of Eric Carle modeling how he creates his art for his illustrations.  The children went right to work creating their own "special" colored paper. They made their templates using familiar shapes and used Eric Carle’s techniques to create a squirrel.  After reading some nonfiction books about squirrels, the children wrote one or two sentences about their squirrel. Procedure writing was introduced this month.  The children enjoyed gathering the materials and making an acorn. The acorn they made was a little sweeter than the one a squirrel would find in a tree!

We then worked together to sequence the steps we followed to make an acorn.  We will do more procedure writing during the month of November.  We used a fun squirrel song to find sight words.  We also used the song to add a little movement to our day as we acted out the song. Since our last newsletter, we have been practicing the names, sounds, and how to correctly form the letters: v, l, c, p, b, t. The following sight words my, like, go, up, and an have been introduced and the children are practicing how to read and use them in their writing journals .  The children have been practicing how to put words and/or letters in abc order.  The children are reading “Just right books” and lessons are being shared in small groups meeting each child's needs.

Math:  We have been reading about the names of shapes and we are creating shapes during our math and writing time by using a template. Children are decomposing numbers and identifying pairs that add to 10 through games (i.e. Penny Plate Game). This helps them to prepare for adding and subtracting within 10. Ten Frames is another tool students have learned how to use so they can represent numbers by putting counters in the frames. They also enjoyed playing Ten Frame Top-It.  Children were introduced to Quick Looks with ten frames and the game High Roller to practice an addition strategy, counting on.  Afternoon friends have been practicing Change-to-More and Change-to-Less number stories.  Afternoon friends have been practicing how to write sentences to explain how they solved a math problem. This is challenging and takes a lot of practice. We just started the Unit 2 Assessment. 

Our first Family Math Morning will be in November.  We hope you can join us in the gym at 7:55 a.m. on November 15 to learn some of the games your child has been practicing in class.

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