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Just like that and we are in the midst of the holiday season! I hope that you enjoyed the Halloween parade or at least saw some of the wonderful pictures. I want to thank Whitney Stinson and the ASC volunteers for the support they showed the teaching staff by supplying us with wild west gear. It was greatly appreciated! On my desk is an order form for our SCS Fox gear. We are hopeful that these order forms are just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Over the past two weeks we have enjoyed two assemblies here at SCS, Drone Science and Take Back your Voice. The students learned about the physics of drone flight from two Wondergy experts, and saw over ten different drones in flight. Yesterday morning we watched musician Joe Scorsone of Flintface deliver his high powered message on dealing with our emotions. His talent and words captured the attention of our students and inspired many of them to express themselves in a creative way. 

Thank you to all of the students, parents and teachers who participated in our first round of conferences.


It was so nice to see all of you during Parent/Teacher/Student conferences. It means so much to the children to be able to share with you what they are learning and how home and school can work together to help them meet their personal and academic goals. Our class also wants to thank you for all your support during Halloween from providing food to helping the children get dressed. The children had a lot of fun parading around in their costumes.

Reading/Writing:  All students have been practicing the correct letter formation for the letters a-i.  We work daily on letter names and sounds.  The children are practicing how to take two to three letter sounds and blending them together to form a word, i.e.  /i/  /n/ Afternoon friends have been practicing how to spell words that have a short sound (tap). 


Middle Multiage rookie readers continue to enjoy reading different genres through the 'Wonders' reading program. They have been reading about, 'How families work together' and are writing about what they can do to help their family out. Students were proud to choose and read literature pieces with their families on Conference Day. 

Veteran readers are exploring expository or non-fiction text.  The essential question for this portion of our Wonders Unit is “How do people make government work?” We have started to explore how government works, and our role in the process. The long sounds of /u/ and /i/ are our phonics focus this week and we are delving into the world of nouns: common, proper, concrete, and abstract!


Language Arts/Social Studies: Upper Multiage students who work with Mrs. Read recently completed personal narratives that described an event they persevered through and were proud of. Parents were entertained as students read their personal narratives on Conference Day. Some topics included learning to ride a bike, playing flag football, and participating in swimming lessons with Mr. Switzer. Students continue to be involved with a great deal of word work and were recently introduced to some challenging word analogies. Through the 'Wonders Reading Program' we have been reading, writing and discussing what it means to be an entrepreneur. Students enjoyed speculating about designing their own business models. 


ELA: Since wrapping up the novel Time Cat by Lloyd Alexander, The Sixth Grade has started using the Wonders English Language Arts program.  This first unit is based on the narrative non-fiction genre. We have been reading a series of narrative non-fiction pieces about volcanoes and volcanologists.  This program requires a lot of rereading and close reading of relatively short passages. The students have practiced identifying the main idea and locating supporting sentences within the text.

ELA and Social Studies: In addition to Wonders the students have used English Language Arts classes to work in a small group to become experts on one of five different Egyptian myths.  As a group, they read several versions of their chosen myth, used a graphic organizer to identify key elements of the story, such as the setting, antagonist, protagonist, plot, point of view, and theme.  Once completing the organizer they started writing a screenplay of the story that will be used to create a short green screen movie of the myth.

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