Class Lists 2017-2018

In the near future, we will begin the process of developing class lists for next year. In developing class lists, we take many factors into consideration including: the academic needs of students, behavioral and special learning needs, the balance of boys and girls, and a balance in the total number of students in each room. We hope that you will be comfortable with our professional judgment about your child’s placement. Parents occasionally feel the need to request a specific type of learning environment for their child.

If you have a special request, we ask that you put this request in writing and describe your child’s educational needs, including the type of classroom environment you feel would be most beneficial. We will not entertain any specific requests for teachers by name.
All letters of request must be sent to our guidance counselors, Mr. Connell for grades 7 & 8 and Ms. Spiro for grades 5 & 6, and are due on or before May 5, 2017. Requests received after this date will not be accommodated. It is very important that you include an educational reason for your request. All letters will be considered by the staff as class lists are developed. It is important to remember that we will not be able to satisfy all requests. The overall balance of classrooms at each grade level and benefit of the entire student body will be considered first. If you have any questions, please call Everett Bennett, Mr. Connell, or Ms. Spiro.

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