Published Poets

poetThe eighth grade will be well represented in a book of poems. Students were asked to enter one poem for possible publication. We are pleased to announce that Inter-Lakes Middle Tier will have panoply of students in the fall edition of, A Celebration of Young Poets.

Our congratulations go to the following poets: Kayla Sassan, Hayden Bourgeois, Raven Strother, Aislinn Hird, Tommy Cillo, Amelia Brown, Jessica Sullivan, Ashley Gumbo, Alison Ansorg, Lauren O'Hearn, Alexa Mailloux, Andrew Spicuzza, Madelyn Cushing, Maia Brown, Lucy Morton, Greta Achenbach, Trinity Flynn, Caitlin Harris, Kyle Gable, Samantha Davis, Emma Richardson, Kaelyn Williams, Jack McCarthy, Dailen Laviolette, Lilly Simpson, Amos Wobber, Jaime Woodaman, Owen Donahue, Mela Wujcik, Emily Weeks, Joshua Felch, and Isabella Quagliaroli.

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