The Famous Chef Pat Returns to Inter Lakes Middle Tier

chefpat“We love you Chef Pat.! “Best chef ever!” “Can you please come back again?” were the words from the Inter-Lakes Middle Tier seventh grade class as Pat finished his cooking class. Patrick Hall the coordinator of the culinary program at Lakes Region Community College, attended the seventh grade career module at Inter- Lakes High School. He shared his passion for cooking, which motivated and inspired our students to bombard him with questions.

They were totally impressed that he had cooked for Muhammad Ali, the New England Patriots, and President Bush to name just a few celebrities. They all left with full stomachs after plowing their way through pasta alfredo, carbonara, rosa and pomodoro. The students learned that measuring ingredients is not essential unless you are baking. Pat shared that there is no such thing as too much cheese in a dish! The seventh graders had a fantastic time, as Pat is an entertaining and fun-loving chef. He is hoping that by sharing his passion for the hospitality industry he can encourage students to consider this as a career field in their future. I am in the process of booking Chef Pat to come back to share his skills with the remaining half of the seventh grade. This opportunity was arranged by Allison Duffield of the Career Partnership Program, a member of the Greater Meredith Program, who is proudly sponsored by Overhead Door Options Inc.

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