Published Poets

poetThe eighth grade will be well represented in a book of poems. Students were asked to enter one poem for possible publication. We are pleased to announce that Inter-Lakes Middle Tier will have panoply of students in the fall edition of, A Celebration of Young Poets.

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Congratulations to our NH National Education Association Martin Luther King Jr. Honorees

MLKHonorEach year the National Education Association of New Hampshire holds an Arts and a Writing Contest to honor Martin Luther King. “Entries needed to reflect the students’ understanding of Dr. King Jr.’s words to their lives as well as to life in general. It is important that each student learn about Dr. King Jr.’s life and legacy and understand how his work continues to impact civil rights and social justice issues today.”

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I-LES Staff vs Student Basketball Game

Time to Start Practicing!

bballWhen: Thursday, April 6, 3:15 - 4:30 p.m.
Where: I-LES Gym
Admission Fee: $1.00 / Raffle Tickets 50¢ each

Every student attending the game needs to have $1.00 for admittance and a permission slip from a parent/guardian. There will be NO CALLS home on the day of the game for forgotten money or permission slips.

Fun in the Snow at I-LES

snowNow that snow has arrived,the children will be sliding, climbing snow banks, and building forts! We ask that students wear full winter apparel in order to play in the snow, so please send your child with snow pants, boots, coats, hats, and mittens/gloves.

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Instant Alert

Our school uses “Instant Alert” to send out automated notifications and messages about school cancellations, delays, and early closures. Instant Alert can deliver a message to any of your electronic devices (phones, cell phones, computers, etc.) via text message, voice message, and/or email. You can decide which device(s) receive these messages (you can choose one of your devices or more!).

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How do I Check my Child’s Lunch Account

school lunch programLunchTime is now its own application. To check your student’s account balance or to add money to their account, simply click the LunchTime link on the parent resource page, then click the Parent Login button. First, enter the same email address you’ve provided the school for communication purposes, then, enter the password you used to use for MMS.

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Composting at I-LES

compostMany of you who have traveled by the south end of the building have asked what is the new building next to the end of the cafeteria? The new building with the green metal roof is a composting shed. Mr. Josh Hill deserves a big round of applause for donating his time and energy to build the composting shed.
Every year millions of pounds of food waste are deposited in landfills and other waste facilities. Composting is a natural process that can significantly reduce food waste. We will be taking vegetable, fruit, and green plant waste generated at the school and mixing it with carbon matter (wood chips) in our new composting facility.

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