The Blue Wave Surfer is Here!

surferStudents in kindergarten through grade 4 have spent so much time and effort this year learning about, and working on, the Inter-Lakes personal competencies located on the front of our progress reports. During the month of January, a poster/writing contest opened up for all students. The task was to draw and explain what a student demonstrating the personal competencies would look like in our building. We received a ton of posters!

Fourth graders Christopher Kangas and Mason Drake were our contest winners (congratulations to both of you!) and now their “Blue Wave Surfer” can be found in areas where personal competencies are so important: the hallways, multi-purpose room, and classrooms! The surfer will be spending the rest of the year modeling excellent use of personal competency skills such as cooperation, organization, perseverance, and time management.
Ms. Mulcahy and I continue to meet with grade levels monthly about our personal competencies Fourth graders are doing an excellent job modeling these dispositions for our younger students!

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