First Grade News

grade1Team Bannon Super Bowl Celebration — Are you rea!dy for some football? Flag football, that is. We seized the opportunity to celebrate the Patriots and the amazing Super Bowl. Super Bowl week began with our very own combine! We experienced a variety of agility and strength exercises which taxed our bodies and our minds. We discovered that we have our own agility training every day here at I-LES when we read, learn new math facts, exercise our cooperation skills, etc.

Our week wrapped up with our very own SUPER BOWL of flag football. What a super way to use all of our personal competencies like teamwork, cooperation, perseverance and time management!Our game ended in a tie….6-6! Maybe we need a tiebreaker very soon!
Mrs. Stuart's first graders got to FINALLY celebrate the 100th day of school! (Silly snow days.) We wrote 100 words, read 100 day books, thought of math facts for 100, skip counted to 100, and made “100 Days Smarter” crowns. It was such a fun day!

Mrs. Oliver’s class was very busy last week getting ready for our parent-teacher-student conferences. We put our work in our portfolios. We reflected on some of our work. We looked through our portfolios to make sure everything was in there. We made a book about our emotions on our Chromebooks and we put copies of that work in our portfolios. Some of us completed 20 math facts in a minute. We talked about how we are doing on our goals. Some of us stayed with our goals and some of us set new ones. We persevered to meet our goals. We did a great job and we had fun sharing our portfolios and setting goals.
Some thoughts about conferences:
“I liked sharing my portfolio with my family and showing them the new stuff I put in.”
“I liked doing the mad minute because I liked showing my family how fast I am getting at my math facts.”
“I like doing my reflections because it tells me how I am doing with my learning.”
“I felt proud when I shared my portfolio with my family.”


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