Fourth Grade

grade4Read, Read, Read - That’s what the principal’s challenge will be this week. It’s that time again when students need to read a book to meet Mrs. Wrath’s challenge. This year’s theme focuses on the works of author Roald Dahl. We will be doing some fun and crazy things related to Roald Dahl next week. In order to meet the challenge, your child should be reading a book this week (it doesn’t have to be by Roald Dahl).

Ask them what book they chose! To add to the fun, Tuesday will be “hat/headband day” and Wednesday is “cozy day”. Come into the building next week and see how the school has been transformed to celebrate Read Across America Week.
Makey Makey Makey - Makey Makey may sound like a crazy word, but it’s a tool that the kids love to use.
Makey Makey is a small circuit board that turns physical objects (like a banana) into buttons for your computer. It works by creating electrical circuits. So, what can you do with cardboard, foil, playdough, and other treasures? Students have been using their coding skills, a Makey Makey, and creative juices to create a game that “pops”, “beeps”, and provides a lot of fun. The groups have been lively with conversation and problem solving while they created their games. Ask your child about his/her game.

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