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By: Mrs. Bickford and Mr. Swift
FitStep pro trackerThird through Sixth grade learners have gotten comfortable with using the FitStep Pro trackers during class and docking them at the end of class. These trackers keep a record of the learners steps, activity time and moderate-vigorous activity (MVPA) time during each class. This information is then transferred to a computer program where the PE teachers can see this information for each learner and averages for the whole class. An important number we look at once the statistics are uploaded, is the ratio between activity time and MVPA time. We are looking for learners to not just be active in class, but to push themselves to do a little more, go a little faster or put in a little more effort and energy. The learners enjoy this feedback and accountability.

These grades have also been introduced to 3 main exercises and the proper form and technique for each exercise. The exercises are Sit-ups, Squats, Push-ups. Learners learned about modifications for them and building up their bodies and muscles so they can increase the number they can do.

Kindergarten-second grade learners continue to explore their own space while moving around the gymnasium in different ways and playing tag games.. First-Second grade learners have also explored rolling balls and basic capturing games. Learners in these grades have worked on their jumping jacks, as well as introducing the exercises that the older learners are working on.

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