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By: Mrs. Dowd, Mrs. Glover, Mrs. Hoag & Mrs. Oliver
First Grader with a butterflyOur 1st grade learners have been doing a great job adjusting to our schedule and routines.  We have been working to build our community by establishing class rules and expectations.  We have spent time sharing, playing games and learning how to take care of materials and each other. 

Jake from Prescott Farms has been coming into our classrooms to talk to the students about the importance of composting and recycling. The children have been working on number concepts to 50 and beginning reading skills. We will be starting our ‘Choice Boards’ for Home Learning soon so be looking for it in your child’s folder.

Reminder – School pictures will be on Wednesday, October 9th.

squam lake from Rattlesnake

By: Mrs. Bannon, Mrs. Connolly, Mrs. Salamanca & Mrs. Towle
Some of us hiked Rattlesnake Mountain last Friday, and some of us will  hike on Friday, October 4th. This hike shows us that we can ALL make it to the top, and it does NOT matter whether we are first or last, we all get there in the end.  Our learning works the same way! As we learn and grow this year, we will celebrate our growth and use this hike to remind us the goal is to move forward and make progress not to be first.  In addition, through the hike we learn about goal setting, persevering, and reflecting on our progress towards our goals. We hope that this field trip will serve as a springboard for students as they set goals this year!  

We explored trees and identified leaves with Jake, the Naturalist.  We cannot wait to use what we learned to identify some leaves and trees on our hike.


Connor and his prize winning cabbageIn addition to our beautiful and bountiful greenhouse, our I-LES students have been growing things at home this past summer.  Check out Royce Marcello-Browher’s tomatoes and sunflowers that he grew!  They were started in school last spring.  Kyle Clairmont also had a lot of tomato-growing success, and his new second grade teacher was the lucky recipient of a bag of fresh tomatoes on the first day!  Fourth grader Learners harvested cabbages that they grew at home over the summer.  Connor Brunt and Caleb Spears each grew a cabbage weighing 3.8 pounds, winning our cabbage growing competition!  Evelyn Champagne and Summer Hamill also were successful cabbage growers.

It’s very exciting to see how these students have been inspired to become gardeners at home!  Congratulations to all those “green thumbs” out there!


Digital Citizenship word artThis year, in September, students in kindergarten through sixth grade will be spending time talking about digital citizenship. In today's world, going online allows us to connect to a much larger community. This gives our students opportunities to learn, connect, and collaborate in lots of great ways. Unfortunately there are lots of digital dilemmas that students also face like cyberbullying, safety and balancing screen time. At Inter-Lakes we focus on a digital citizenship curriculum from Common Sense Media. These lessons help guide students to handle challenges, stay safe online and contribute in a positive way to the digital community. For more information about guiding students toward making healthy media choices please visit

culture around the globeWe are off to a great start on our journey around the world! My name is Mrs. Bird, and I am so excited to have joined team Inter-Lakes - and in such a fun way! Even as I am still getting to meet the students, they are all welcoming me, IN MANY LANGUAGES, with big smiles and open minds. I’ve already received wonderful questions, requests and ideas from eager students who want to learn so much...what more could a teacher ask?!
As the year progresses we will learn as much as we can together about as many places as possible. We will learn about customs, style, music, celebrations, traditions, and of course languages of many countries, including our own. Our goal is to better understand ourselves and others so that we may respect and appreciate the commonalities and differences between us.

gym shoe clipart sneakersAll K-6 students at I-LES will have Physical Education (PE) class twice a week for 50 minutes each. On their PE days, students must be wearing or change into sneakers before class. Third through sixth grade students will be physically active outside during most PE classes until it gets too cold. Kindergarten through second grade classes will mostly remain in the gymnasium on PE days. All classes will do a variety of movement skills, games, strategy, fitness and teamwork during the year in Physical Education. If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the PE Teachers: Mr. JP Swift and Mrs. Nancy Bickford

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