kindergartenKindergarten students are settling into their day-long schedule.  We have had so much fun exploring the fall season.  We are spending time outside exploring the area around the school and making observations about what we find in nature.  Students are focusing on leaves, acorns, squirrels, apples, and other fall items.  We are integrating the seasonal theme in our language arts and math learning as well. 

preschoolThe preschool students have been learning about the fall season. The children created ripped-paper fall trees, put together scarecrow puzzles, created fall necklaces, assembled books about fall, made patterns with apples and leaves and learned new songs about apples, pumpkins and floppy scarecrows. The preschoolers also tasted different kinds of apples and created sunflowers, striped bumblebees and tissue-paper apples for the hallway. The students will soon learn about pumpkins and “spooky” animals.

notesBeginning band has begun! On Tuesday, September 26th, our newest members of the band program and their parents attended a beginning band night. Parents were able to purchase books, reeds and supplies, as well as rent an instrument if needed.
Students learned all about the band program and then had a chance to learn how to play their instrument with the correct embouchure and stick holding techniques.
The beginning band is very excited and promises to PATIENTLY, PERSISTENTLY PRACTICE to become great!

digitalcitizenThis year during tech time, students in kindergarten through sixth grade have been spending time talking about digital citizenship. In today's world, going online allows us to connect to a much larger community.  This gives our students opportunities to learn, connect, and collaborate in lots of great ways. Unfortunately, there are lots of digital dilemmas that students also face like cyberbullying, safety and balancing screen time. In September, we focus on a digital citizenship curriculum from Common Sense Media.

boutiqueThe annual Winter Clothing Boutique will be held on Friday, October 20th, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the Kiosk (while supplies last).
DONATIONS NEEDED. The Health Office is looking for new or gently used, clean winter clothing including coats, snow pants, mittens & boots (no used hats, please). Donations will gladly be accepted at any time, but preferably during the week of October 16th.  On October 20th, anyone in need of winter clothing for their child, please stop by the Kiosk and pick up what you can use (all items are free).

cabbagesDid you get a chance to check out the HUGE cabbages growing inside the greenhouse since last spring?  These were planted by last year’s third grades. There was some friendly competition going on to see which class could grow the largest cabbage.  The winners are....the students from MS. CURRIER’S class!  Their cabbage weighed a whopping 19.75 pounds!! 

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