Recess Guidelines

thermometerNow that winter weather has “settled in,” it seems like a good time to remind parents of the school’s guidelines regarding indoor vs. outdoor recess. If it is raining/sleeting, etc., indoor recess is held. If it is zero degrees or below (factoring in the wind chill), indoor recess is held. Please make sure your child is outfitted properly for recess on those colder than normal days!

Signs &Symptoms of Frostbite

hypothermiaAching pain or numbness, most often on hands, feet, face and ears
Skin that feels hard and waxy, with a white or grayish yellow color
What to Do - If you think your child is frostbitten, call the right away. Begin these steps:

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Winter Safety Tips

wash your handsIllness - Some illnesses are more common when the weather turns colder. Respiratory ailments, especially viruses like the flu, are prevalent because people stay indoors more and, thus, are exposed to more airborne germs. So get outside and enjoy the fresh air! Remind children to wash their hands often to prevent the spread of germs.

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