Summer B.L.A.S.T.

rocketOur summer school program (a.k.a. Summer B.L.A.S.T.) has been scheduled!  This year we will continue to run the 3-week model holding summer school four days a week.  This year's program will begin on Monday, July 24th, and run through Thursday, August 10th.  The students will attend four days a week for three weeks from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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Game Club

gameclubI-LES has a new and exciting opportunity for students in grades 2 through 4!  Game Club meets once a week to play games such as Checkers, Mancala, Battleship, Connect Four, Parcheesi, Othello, and many more! Research shows that playing board games helps students improve mathematics and thinking skills.  Game Club is run by I-LES volunteer staff members with help from high school student volunteers. Check out these photos to see how Game Club members have lots of fun learning to play new games.

April Personal Competency -Reflection

Within the word we find two dimensions, reflection and action, in such radical interaction that if one is sacrificed -- even in part -- the other immediately suffers” - Paulo Freire
Reflecting on learning is often an overlooked and undervalued skill. Through reflection, students can deepen their learning, make meaning out of content and self-evaluate on the learning process. This is a skill that teachers can help strengthen through modeling and by facilitating reflective moments in the day.

Destination Imagination

DIDestination Imagination is a challenge-based learning program that uses science, technology, the arts, math, engineering, and social learning; and pairs that with creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills. Inter-Lakes had 11 DI teams this year, seven of them at the elementary level.

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Fourth Grade

grade4Spring is here!? As spring is arriving, fourth graders have begun to continue their unit on  Environments and are experimenting with plants.  Our center time is divided between the study of a plant’s range of tolerance and some history of New Hampshire. Four different plant seeds have been planted (indoors) and the students observe the range of tolerance plants have with environmental factors, such as water and salt.

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Title I News

title1On May 17th, Brian Lies, children’s author and illustrator, will be here at I-LES speaking to students about being an author and an illustrator of children’s books. A lot of the books he has written and illustrated are fiction stories that have bats as the main characters. After vacation, students will start to become familiar with some of his books.
This week you will find an order form for his books attached to the newsletter.

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Happy Spring From the Living Classroom

green houseOn the first day of Spring, second graders planted radishes and lettuce. Although it might seem chilly outside, the temperature in the greenhouse on a sunny day can reach 90 degrees! And, just as importantly, the ground temperature is really heating up - about 60 degrees. Thanks to our solar heater (that small little hut-like building toward the back of the greenhouse), hot air has been circulating under the soil, giving us a big head start on the growing season.

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The Science of Spring!

Happy First Day of Spring everyone! The link below is of the Earth from space showing how the day/night line, a/k/a the terminator, moves about as the Earth orbits the Sun with its 23.5 degree tilt, showing us our seasons.

Pre-School News

preschoolThe preschoolers recently learned all about different kinds of weather, since the month of March can bring most of them in a single week! The students assembled “Up, Up and Away!” books about a flying kite, learned how rainbows are created, found diamond shapes, skated on the rug with tissue box “skates,” made weather wheels, painted a muddy boots picture, completed umbrella puzzles and found words that begin with the letter Ww.

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