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Welcome Back Message

Parents and Students, 

Welcome Back! August 30th is our first day back at school. I am so excited to meet you all and am looking forward to a great year at I-LES.  Parents: you are a vital part of why this school and district is so special, keeping the communication and participation flowing between home and school is the key to our children's success, let me know how I can continue that legacy best, I welcome your input. 

Have a wonderful start to the school year, Jen Wrath




"Do Your Best" 

Summer Greenhouse News

Summer News from the Living Classroom!

The greenhouse has been a huge success this summer, thanks to seven green-thumb families and five Summer BLAST Classrooms!  With their hard work, sunflowers are hitting the CEILING, pole beans are climbing up the walls, tomatoes are flourishing, and carrots are being crunched!  Outside, Morning Glories are climbing up the teepee, Mrs. Bannon's "butterfly garden" is buzzing with insects and blooming with beautiful flowers, and more tomatoes are ripening along with gym wall in front of a row of sunflowers.  We look forward to planting some fall crops with students soon!  Happy Summer everyone!

Grade 4 News


The fourth graders have been fortunate to experience two fantastic field trips during the last few weeks of school. On May 26th, they traveled to Concord where they toured the New Hampshire History Museum and the State House. At the history museum, they viewed many interesting artifacts and also had a scavenger hunt to match objects from the past with their purpose.

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Grade 2 News

grade2Grade 2 is gearing up for an exciting last few weeks of school! Second graders have been working hard practicing for their upcoming play, The Bremen Town Musicians. Your child’s teacher has sent home information on when and where your child’s play will take place. Next week, second graders will be visiting Remick Museum in Tamworth! Students will need a lunch, snack, sneakers and appropriate clothing for the weather. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher.
We hope you all have a fantastic summer!!

Grade 3 News


We can’t believe that this is our final contribution to the newsletter for 2016! What a great year it has been in third grade! There are many activities going on as we end this awesome year. Students are reviewing skills as they prepare to take an end-of-the-year assessment for math.
Some of the skills will include multi-digit adding and subtracting with trading, basic multiplication facts, word problems and fractions.
We are completing our Foss Science studies. Students are building carts and looking at designs.

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Grade 1 - Mrs. Oliver and Mrs. Stuart

flowerSThe children in 1st grade have been working on many forms of writing over the school year. We have focused mainly on writing poetry for the past couple of weeks. The children have been working really hard at using lots of descriptive language so the reader can make pictures in their mind. Here are some of the finished products. You can read more at our Celebration of Learning on June 2nd. Hope to see you there!

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Grade 1 - Mrs. Bannon

grade1We are growing a butterfly garden at the entrance of our school. Before planting, we researched and learned which plants/flowers support butterflies and many ways in which they are interdependent with plants and the environment. Did you know that butterflies cannot fly if the temperature is below 55 degrees Fahrenheit? For that reason, we need rocks where they can warm their wings. We also learned they need tall grass and bushes in which to hide from their predators such as: birds, cats, wasps, snakes, toads, etc.

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Kindergarten News

kindergartenAll the seeds we've planted are growing and flourishing ... figuratively and literally! In the greenhouse we are growing flowers, peas, and radishes. We've already harvested some of the radishes! Mrs. Bunnell's class worked with Mr. Watson's fourth graders to plant pole beans around the t-pee next to the school.
In the classroom our kindergartners are truly blooming! They are demonstrating all they've learned this year and can't wait to show off their growth at the Celebration of Learning!

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