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Student presentation at Christa McAuliffe Technologie ConferenceInter-Lakes students, Hayden Mangers and Kaleb Knott, helped teachers learn new tech skills at the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference in Manchester, New Hampshire. The two day conference that took place on December 3rd and 4th, is put on each year to highlight the successful technology practice among educators. The boys participated in the Student STEAM showcase which highlights students projects and gives students an opportunity to share their ideas with other teachers, administrators, and technology leaders that attend the conference. The two fourth graders showcased a project they worked on in Social Studies class with their teacher, Mrs. Miller and the technology integrator, Kathleen DeCamp.

By: Mrs. Dowd, Mrs. Glover, Mrs. Hoag & Mrs. Oliver

Thankful TurkeysHappy Holidays from 1st Grade!  We are looking forward to seeing you at our Holiday Concert on Thursday, December 12th at 9:45 A.M. in the MPR room.  All classes have been practicing for this festive event and it will surely be entertaining! First grade learners will be building and decorating gingerbread houses this month.  Be on the lookout for more information from your child’s teacher.

Thank you for the continued donations towards our school-wide food drive. You still have until December 13th to send in your goods.  It’s been wonderful to see our students bring in food items to donate with pride and excitement. The 1st graders are beginning their Choose Love lessons focusing on courage, gratitude, forgiveness and compassion.

By:  Mrs. Salamanca & Mrs. Towle

Prescoot Farms naturalist and Buckey the box turtleMr. Jake from Prescott Farm came for a visit to teach 2nd graders about reptiles.  He brought a box turtle named Buckey as his helper. 

Here is what we learned:

"I learned that reptiles lay eggs." ~Bella

"I never knew that reptiles are ectotherms (cold-blooded)." ~Nathan

"I learned that reptiles have thick scaly skin." ~Emma

"A turtle shell helps it keep away from predators."~Felicity

By: Mrs. Parks
Title I will be holding their Annual Parent Involvement Meetings on Thursday, December 12th. At these meetings, parents are invited to give feedback, make suggestions and ask questions about Title I and how it is incorporated in their learner’s education. A notice was sent home to families who have learners who participate in Title I. Please be on the lookout and return the notice to school before Wednesday, December 11th. As always if you have any questions or would like further information please feel free to contact Alesia Parks by phone at 603-279-7968 or by email

Naturalist in the classroomInter-Lakes Elementary School has the pleasure of working in conjunction with Prescott Farm to offer a Naturalist in the classroom. We are lucky to have Jake Newcomb, or as many here warmly call him, JTN (Jake The Naturalist). Mr. Jake has recently been working with 5th graders connecting social studies, literature and natural living. Mr. Reidy and Mr. Jake are helping learners design, revise, and  create a 3 legged stool using only simple tools and their hands. There will be no screws, nails or any other type of fasteners.

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